Professorship for Plant Nutrition


Content of Teaching:

  • Principles of Plant Nutrition (BSc-Agricultural Sciences)

  • Nutrient dynamics and Fertilization (BSc-Agricultural Sciences)

  • Nutritional Plant Physiology (MSc-Crop Plant Science)

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Plant Nutrition (MSc-Crop Plant Science)

  • Applied Proteome Research (MSc-Agricultural Genomics)

  • Applications of Genomics in Plant Nutrition (MSc-Agricultural Genomics)

  • Genomics in Research and Industry (MSc-Agricultural Genomics)

  • Plant Biochemistry (MSc-Agricultural Genomics)

  • Molecular Plant Nutrition (MSc-Agricultural Genomics)

  • Plant compound profiling and food quality (MSc-Agricultural Genomics)

  • Nutrient Cycles and Sustainability (MSc-Environmental Management)